ITU-legal for slipstream races
  The world’s lightest and shortest aerobar featuring biomechanically superior, shock absorbing armrests (Syntace patent).
  XXS - only 314 g (int.patent pend.).
  26.0-Kit, NOB, Lifter 31.8, Microlink  
  titanium bolts (4 pcs. M6x16)  
  for handlebar fixing, Lifter-Kit, 318-Kit  
  314 g  
  XXS, to shorten with scala
(for ITU/DTU brake lever rule)
  Clamp Ø  
  31.8 mm  
  Adjustment width  
  66 mm  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  165,00 ?  

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XXS Version
For races in accordance with the ITU/DTU regulation (brake lever rule), which has cancelled the slipstream prohibition.

Ergonomically Superior
Ideal riding position, combined with minimized air resistance, reduce fatigue and increase rider’s capacity for speed. The Syntace XXS promotes an energy conserving posturing and supports your arms (with biowing armrests) just before your elbow - exactly where you need it.

Minimalist, Superslim Design
Combined with parallel grips and outstanding posturing features, the Syntace XXS cuts a fine figure on the racing cycle as well as on the triathlon machine, which complies with ITU regulations.

Suspended Comfort
With the included shock absorbers the Syntace XXS offers you more than 8 mm of controlled vertical travel beneath your forearms. And our Zytel forearm cups won’t swivel out of position, so once they’re set on the elastic wing-shaped jibs they will stay.

Perfect Fit
The Syntace XXS installs with a single 5 mm Allen wrench and fits all standard handlebars.

Tuning ex works
New, high-load tolerant aluminium alloy with reduced, load adjusted wall thickness. Ultralight clamp base features “stay-put” steel screws. Additional weight reducing milling in the bottom of the handlebar and clamp. Additionally cold hardened Eloxal surface of the whole aerobar and Wear-resistant. New, high strength weld incorporating lighter redesigned fixing clamps.

Full-Size Performance
We use 24.0 mm diameter tubing to ensure compatibility with all racer- and triathlon-mounted components.

Personal Cockpit
Our large selection of adapters and accessories let you arrange the cockpit just the way you want it. The innovative 318-Kit by Syntace, converts all Syntace aerobars to be compatible with 31.8 handlebars.