The new Syntace X-12 System

The challenge faced with through-axles is that the axle must be clamped axially as well as radially in the dropouts in order to achieve a high rigidity. But clamping axially and radially so far, also meant having to tighten several screws. We solve this problem by using a taper which allows play-free clamping in both axial and radial directions even though the axle is only tightened axially.
A further big problem with conventional through-axles is the missing stop and a guide for the rear axle which would enable a much simpler positioning of the rear wheel with respect to the dropouts. To guarantee a really simple mounting of the rear wheel dropouts with axle guides are required or else the rear axle has no defined positioning.

The difference ...
… compared to conventional through-axle dropouts / through-axles:

  • less weight
  • clearly user friendlier, quicker fitting and removal of rear wheel
  • for the first time a toe and camber adjustment of the rear wheel is possible. For this, the thread insert in the right dropout is replaced by an excentrical thread insert which can then be adjusted to the desired position
  • Maximum lateral stability and stiffness thanks to the cone which achieves a play-free connection in axial as well as radial direction

… to conventional dropouts and quick releases:

  • higher rigidity
  • less weight
  • simpler, or at least comparably simple fitting and removal of rear wheel
  • user friendlier design and less prone to misalignment
  • even after multiple fitting and removing of rear wheel the same brake rotor positioning is maintained

Thanks to the new Syntace X-12 standard, for the first time it makes sense to use a through-axle on XC and marathon bikes. It is especially these bikes which typically suffer from a lack of stiffness, and here even Viagra is no cure ;-). After all, it is the direct connection between the dropouts which provides the most effective gain in stiffness!

Available in a key version (Allen key) and a QR version (quick release).

The process of inserting the hub (gray) into the rear dropouts
is significantly simplified by the axle guides (red).

The required hubs:
Standard 135 mm hubs are used and have the standard end caps replaced with wider ones (3.5 mm per side), actual resulting width is 142 mm.

The two most prominent European wheel manufacturers, Mavic and DT Swiss, already offer the Syntace standard, as well as other renowned names such as Acros, Chris King, Hope, Shimano and Tune. Additionally a growing number of frame and bike manufacturers have utilized the technical advancements that Syntace provides as the design allows for a real value in comparison to the small investment required. These manufacturers include
  • Norco
  • Cube
  • Canyon
  • Thömus
  • Maxx
  • Bianchi
  • Falkenjagd
  • Mountain Cycle
  • Drac
  • Momsen
  • Specialized
  • Ghost
  • Open Mountain AG
  • Stevens
  • Radon
  • Propain Bicycles
  • Open Mountain AG
  • F.I.V.E. Bianchi
  • Opus
  • Haibike
  • Morewood
  • Cannondale
  • Liteville
  • and more.

Please feel free to have a look at the following flash format video clip to view how quick and simple the Syntace X-12 system is to operate.

You are OEM-manufactor and have interest? Simply write a email to
License Agreement (Sample) (PDF, 53 KB)

PDFs for download:
Syntace X-12 2D drawings and tolerances (690 KB)
Syntace_X12_with_Hub_sectional_view_3D (542 KB)
Syntace_X12_with_Rockguard_3D (817 KB)
Syntace_X12_with_Hub_sectional_view_drawing (41 KB)

Construction drawing X-12:
X-12 3D parts in step-format
X-12 3D parts in x_t format
X-12 3D parts in SolidWorks-format

Please note: this list is only a rough orientation and makes no claim to completeness.