For single items as well as small components, we offer the Syntace-24-hours service meaning all orders by 4 p.m. on workdays are shipped on the following workday.

For wheels and Liteville Factory Machines, the shipping takes 2 to 5 workdays due to the high demand. A precise delivery date is stated in the order confirmation email.


Shipping costs private customers

National, EU and International: EUR 0,00


Shipping costs commercial customers

The shipping costs depend on the parcel size.

Small (e.g. handlebar): EUR 3,00
Medium (e.g. wheelset): EUR 5,00
Large (e.g. Liteville Factory Machine): EUR 15,00

Small (e.g. handlebar): EUR 5,00
Medium (e.g. wheelset): EUR 10,00
Large (e.g. Liteville Factory Machine): EUR 50,00

Small (e.g. handlebar): EUR 50,00
Medium (e.g. wheelset): EUR 100,00
Large (e.g. Liteville Factory Machine): EUR 150,00

Small (e.g. handlebar): EUR 20,00
Medium (e.g. wheelset): EUR 30,00
Large (e.g. Liteville Factory Machine): EUR 100,00

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