Trading conditions
General terms and conditions for selling to private customers and cancellation policy for distant selling contracts

Cancellation policy
a) A private customer may cancel a distant selling contract (concluded via email or the internet) within 14 days. This is to be done in written form as a letter, a fax or an email. The cancellation letter or email is to be sent to 

Syntace GmbH, Stefan-Floetzl-Strasse 6, D-83342 Tacherting, Germany
Phone: + 49 (0)8634 66666
Fax: +49 (0)8634 6365

The cancellation period starts at the point in time the customer receives the product. The time of the dispatch of the cancellation applies. A cancellation form is available for download at → cancellation form.

b) Having cancelled a contract, the customer is obliged by law to send back the product within 14 days. A customer is to wait until further instructions for the following steps via email, letter or phone call are made. The customer covers the shipping costs. If the shipping is not possible by mail, UPS is the shipping company of choice.

c) The customer receives the refund directly after the product has been shipped to Syntace.

d) A customer is not responsible for a possible decrease in value as a result of the initial usage of the product as intended. In case the decrease of the value is the result of anything beyond the affirmation of the quality of the product or the proper functioning of it, the customer is to pay a compensation fee.

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