W40i Straight Alu Front Wheel SC

  • Outward-facing, massively enhanced rim flanges
  • Angle adapted spoke nipple fit
  • Self-retaining spoke nipples
  • Special grease filling of the hub bearings
  • 25 % higher water absorption of the bearing grease
  • Hub flange: Straight pull
  • Hub end cap: SC (Small Cap)
  • Maul wide (mm): 40.0
  • Rim material: Aluminum
  • Wheel diamter: 27.5” (584 ISO)
  • Spoke pattern: 3-times crossed
  • Axle standard (mm): 15x100
  • Intended usage: CC / Marathon, Downhill, Enduro, Gravel, Trail
  • Version: Front
  • Range of application: MTB
  • Hub color: Black CNC-Finish
  • Weight (g): 895
  • Rim type: Syntace W40i Rim
  • Rim color: Raceblack
  • Disc socket: 6 hole
  • Numbers of holes: 28
  • Microadjust: Yes
  • Hub material: Aluminum
  • Hub type: Syntace Straight MX Front
  • Tubeless ready: Yes
  • Max. system weight (kg): 130


Production and delivery time: 2-3 workdays

€314.00 *

Prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs

The Pionier

A narrow rim in combination with a wide, heavy tire used to be common in the past. Today, however, wide rims can be combined with new, lightweight tires. Properly wide, high-quality rims, however, have always been heavy, too.
As the first company, Syntace broke this vicious circle in 2011 with the release of the original Syntace W35. After five years of experience, we have improved the rim with an even better, light alloy metal and a new rim profile that stood all of our test runs and
became another 50 g lighter than its predecessor.

Better. Lighter. Faster.

The second generation Syntace W-Series Aluminum wheelsets

  1. Easy installation of tubeless tires due to a self-sealing internal rim contour without time consuming tricks and the need of an air compressor
  2. Stronger rim horn featuring tire grooves for improved tire seating and a 25% plus of impact resistance
  3. 100% identical spoke angles in the front wheel and almost identical spoke angles in the EVO6 rear wheel for an improved durability and higher steering precision
  4. Self-securing Q-Lock nipples for longer durability and less need for servicing
  5. One single spoke length for the entire wheel
  6. SmoothFIT rim bottom profile, specifically designed by Syntace for Aluminum rims. The rim bottom becomes more durable compared to a construction featuring nipple washers that used to add extra weight to the rim without reinforcing the rim holes 
  7. The rims are welded and not glued or simply pinned together. This makes them stiffer and run better and allows for an exactly identical tension for every single spoke. There will be no creaking, even after years.
  8. Save Tubeless – the special rim horn profile allows for a very low tire pressure that simultaneously prevent the tire to loose its air all of a sudden. The symmetrical rim geometry allows for the new Boost and EVO6 standard to be built with identical spoke lengths on both sides.
  9. 7 mm Hi-Flow valve hole
  10. New and even more durable light alloy metal that reduces the rim weight by another 50 g compared to the several tests winning Syntace W35i

Stronger than the spoke

Thanks to the SmoothFit profile, the spoke socket in the rim has become a lot more resistant against being ripped out. The socket is perfectly aligned with the actual spoke and nipple angle. This makes the entire construction more reliable than common rim bottoms or
solutions with nipple washers that even used to add extra weight to the rim but that did not reinforce it.

Consistent speed occurs at no moment

There is no such thing as con­stant speed when riding a bike. With a single pedal revolution already, you generate two tor­que peaks and thus two acceleration moments. At a cadence of 60 revolutions per minute, this equals 120 small accelerations per minute without even hitting an obstacle on the trail that slows down the bike further. This physical force (MOI – Moment of Intertia) is measured in kg·cm2. The higher this number, the more the wheel tries to slow down the acceleration. 

A light hub with a heavy rim? No thanks!

The overall weight of a wheelsets tells you no more than one half of the story; the MOI is a lot more telling.

This is because it reflects how far the weight of the overall design is placed away from the hub and thus how much it slows you down.

Comparison with an the ­identical overall weight:

  1. Low inertia – the weight is ­close to the hub and does not constantly have to be accelerated.
  2. High inertia – the weight is ­closer to the rim and thus leads to a higher effort.

That’s what it’s all about

Handcraft ­quality by robot

  1. The Syntace wheel construction: in cooperation with an internationally leading wheel designer, we have worked on a robot assisted wheel building and centering machine for more than three years. It screens every single spoke tension, saves it and prints a final report. On top of this, a Syntace wheel-building ­expert assesses the quality of every single wheel afterwards.
  2. The Syntace Straight hubs have been designed for 28 straight pull spokes that allow for one single spoke length for the entire wheelset. Finding a replacement spoke has ­become a lot easier this way.
  3. The EVO6 and Boost Standard design in combination with our straight pull hubs lead to a fully symmetrical wheel with ­identical spoke angles on both sides. This solution prevents single ­spokes from being overstressed. 


All three advantages allowed for a wheel design based on no more than 28 spokes which appears to be the perfect solution as to high stiffness, low weight and defect tolerance. In case one spoke breaks, you will come home safely with the remaining 27 spokes.

With a unique 3-step pro­duc­tion procedure, we ­guarantee for handcraft ­quality for every single wheel.

10 % faster power transfer

Syntace has further strengthened the external tooth lock washer freehub of its 2nd gene­ration rear hubs. This has been possible with the usage of 40 instead of 36 teeth that connect to each other noticeably faster and that consequently lead to more fun in tricky passages. The hub has also become quieter due to more sound absorbing materials.

Stronger than the spoke

Thanks to the SmoothFit profile, the spoke socket in the rim has become a lot more resistant against being ripped out. The socket is perfectly aligned with the actual spoke and nipple angle. This makes the entire construction more reliable than common rim bottoms or
solutions with nipple washers that even used to add extra weight to the rim but that did not reinforce it.


he V-shape design is coming directly from the initial founder of outward-bound and massively enhanced rim flanges on mountain bike wheels. The shape has been tested and approved in uncounted series of experience and now features grip grooves to generate ultimate tire interlinking. It is 25 % stiffer and boasts with the performance of of a rim that actually is 2 mm wider looking at the tire width and the adhesion 

Sweden spoke

Our in-house design, computer optimized Syntace Genius 1.7 custom spoke is made from Sweden steel and produced by Sapim.

A particularly careful manufacturing process allows for a shorter, more stable and yet lightweight section in the highstressed parts of the spoke. If needed, the spoke can be ­replaced with a standard straight pull spoke.

Steel inserts

The freehub features patented interlocking steel inserts that transfer the power from the 7075 Aluminum freehub to the cassette. Particularly looking at the high demands of mountain biking, this design prevents cassettes to get stuck as on an Aluminum freehub. The ­inserts can be exchanged easily (Licence American Classic/USA)

Micro adjustment of the hub bearing clearance

The all-new and test stand ­approved hub body is made from 7050 Aluminum and can be fine tuned with the latest design MicroAdjust end caps for tension-free wheel truing.

Three times protected bearings

New, double Dura-Seal-Caps (Pat. Pend) protect the Syntace high precision bearings that lay behind them. The bearings are filled with special grease that features a 25% higher water absorption capacity, a further improved corrosion inhibitor and a raised decomposition temperature of the oil.

90 % higher bearing stress resistance

Our former hub bearings (and those of most of our competitors) with the measurement 17x26x5mm can cope with 130kg before they are ­deformed. The new, super ­durable Syntace 30mm ­bearings of the MX hub can handle up to 250kg.

10 Years (3+7) Warranty

When damage was caused by material- or manufacturing errors, we repair or replace your wheel or wheel component free of charge for up to 3 years, after that we only charge a 50% fixed rate of the current recommended retail price until the end of year 10 of the warranty. You can find more information here.



Sealing milk advice:

Using sealing milk that contains ammonia causes corrosion damage to your spoke nipples and rims. Make sure to use only ammonia-free sealing milk like e*thirteen Tire Plasma or Continental RevoSealant with your Syntace products.

Brochures, assembly instructions, manuals and spare parts

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C33i Straight Alu
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Syntace W-Series, HiTorque M/MX
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