Smart Gripper

Secret trails at your fingertips
  • Integrated aluminum bumper (front)
  • Low mount design for extra smart phone protection
  • Intended usage: CC / Marathon, Downhill, Enduro, Gravel, Road, Trail
  • Color: Raceblack
  • Weight (g): 89 g


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Smart biking with the direct connection of bike and digital navigation

With this additional module, the digital navigation, whether with the help of a smartphone or with an alternative device, becomes an integrated component of the bike and allows for all-new riding experiences. With more safety and comfort, concentrate on what counts most: biking.

Lupine headlight, smart phone and accessories are not part of the offer.

The bike cockpit

The gap of the Smart Gripper allows for the easy connection with a USB plug and thus the usage of all common smart phones. The interface for the Lupine headlight nicely fits into the cockpit. The route to choose is therefore clear at all times as the navigation becomes an actual part of the bike.

Lupine headlight, smart phone and accessories are not part of the offer.

Lupine headlamp prepared

The Gripper was designed specifically for the integration of Lupine headlamps. Additional components and adapters are available via our partner Lupine.

Anbringung am Lenker

Secured safely

Complete protection for the smartphone thanks to the placement underneath the handlebar. The Smart Gripper is mounted at the TwinFix interface that all Syntace stems come with as standard. Older models can be retrofitted.

Sichere Anpassung an das Gerät

Individual adaption to any device

With individual modules and a fixated slide bolt, the Gripper can be adapted exactly to any common smartphone measurement, securing it safely on any trail.

Wide range

With the energy supply by the headlamp battery, even extensive tours are not an issue.

The hardware for the software

Ideal hardware for navigation apps such as Komoot, 3D-Outdoorguides, 3D Europe…

All you need

  • silicone cover for the smartphone
  • outdoor navigation app of choice
  • rotation control app to have the navigation being displayed horizontally
  • USB adapter for the connection with the headlamp battery
Syntace TwinFix clamps

TwinFix clamps - the cockpit interface

With the clamps, all Syntace stems (including Megaforce, Flatforce, Liteforce) become compatible for your bike cockpit. Made from forged aluminium and titan.

Disclaimer for Smart Gripper

Please consequently shorten all Bowden cables and break hoses that lead from the handlebar to the frame. This is for optical reasons, first and foremost, however, this is for the safe function of your bike with a Smart Gripper or headlight mounted to your stem.


Caution: if the cables and hoses are not shortened, they can interfere with the Smart Gripper if the handlebar is fully twisted which – in the worst case – can even result in the cables or hoses being torn apart.


In order to prevent the Smart Gripper from shacking lose in tough terrain, properly tighten the two M5 bolts that connect the Smart Gripper with the TwinFix clamps with a 4mm Allen key or a Torx25.

Brochures, assembly instructions, manuals and spare parts

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Syntace Smart Gripper
275.6 KB
Stems Manual
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