C33i Carbon Rim

  • Outward-facing, massively enhanced rim flanges
  • Angle adapted spoke nipple fit
  • Intended usage: CC / Marathon, Downhill, Enduro, Trail
  • Wheel diamter: 26” (559 ISO)
  • Rim material: Carbon fibre
  • Maul wide (mm): 33.0
  • Rim type: Syntace C33i Rim
  • Tubeless ready: Yes
  • Numbers of holes: 28
  • Rim width: 40.0
  • Weight (g): 430
  • Max. system weight (kg): 130
  • lfn-rim-erd: 540
  • Rim color: Carbon-matt


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The time has come. Now.

The starting shot has been the wide Syntace W-Series alloy rims. Back then as well as today the unrivaled combination of lightweight and durability. Syntace wanted to transfer two decades of experience in the manufacture of carbon parts on rims aswell, but without disadvantages in robustness and price. That was finally successful.


The V-shape design is coming directly from the initial founder of outward-bound and massively enhanced rim flanges on mountain bike wheels. The shape has been tested and approved in uncounted series of experience and now features grip grooves to generate ultimate tire interlinking. It is 25 % stiffer and boasts with the performance of of a rim that actually is 2 mm wider looking at the tire width and the adhesion on the ground.

Lightweight carbon fiber to make you faster!

Energy saving carbon fiber rims did always come with compromises in the past. They have been expensive and either not particularly durable or not particularly lightweight, if they were at all.

Thanks to tireless designing, special tool con­structions and a new carbon fiber layup, we succeeded in combining the advantages of the material. The Syntace C-Series carbon fiber rim stands more impact than any Aluminum competitor we know of and remains – despite the inner width of 33 mm – extra­ordinarily lightweight (435 g for the 27.5” rim). The unbeatable price is the result of the ­all-new high-class Syntace 
production procedure.

Wide widths and low weights save energy.

Narrow rims and heavy tires were common in the past. It has become possible, however, to combine wide rims with lightweight tires. It is just that wide rims have always been heavy or they have not been particularly durable, a vicious circle that carbon fiber stopped. The wider the rim and the bigger the rim diameter, the more the advantages of the material carbon fiber come into play in the Syntace C-Series wheelset. On top of this, the inertia of the rim/tire combination is noticeably lower.

10 Years (3+7) Warranty

When damage was caused by material- or manufacturing errors, we repair or replace your wheel or wheel component free of charge for up to 3 years, after that we only charge a 50% fixed rate of the current recommended retail price until the end of year 10 of the warranty. You can find more information here.



Sealing milk advice:

Using sealing milk that contains ammonia causes corrosion damage to your spoke nipples and rims. Make sure to use only ammonia-free sealing milk like e*thirteen Tire Plasma or Continental RevoSealant with your Syntace products.

Brochures, assembly instructions, manuals and spare parts

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C33i Straight Carbon
Laufräder Alu und Carbon auf der Eurobike 2018
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