M40 Rear Hub, Boost, XD

  • 17 mm oversize thru axle
  • Hub body for precision groove ball bearings with special grease filling
  • New Syntace tooth lock washer freehub
  • Hub flange: Straight pull
  • Freehub body: XD
  • Intended usage: Downhill, Enduro, Gravel, Road, Trail
  • Axle standard (mm): 12x148 (Boost)
  • Version: Rear
  • Range of application: MTB
  • Disc socket: 6 hole
  • Hub type: Syntace M40 Rear Boost EVO6
  • Freehub click-stops (teeth): 40
  • Hub color: Black CNC-Finish
  • Numbers of holes: 28
  • Microadjust: Yes
  • Hub material: Aluminum
  • Weight (g): 244


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The 3rd generation tooth lock ­washer freehub

  1. Big diameter ball bearing with a 90% higher load rating, special grease and increased degree of grease filling, even in the freehub.
  2. Durable fine gearing with 40 teeth and five springs
  3. MicroAdjust for precise adjustment of the bearing play
  4. Five steel bridges to strengthen the freehub body
  5. Lightweight yet ultra stiff brake disc socket
  6. Three-dimensionally aligned spoke angle linkage
  7. Lighter and 25% more stable, internal cone design thru axle
  8. Exterior ball bearings with fully greased chamber sealing (Pat. pend.)
  9. Almost fully symmetrical spoke angles left and right for the Evo6 chain line as found on Liteville frames

Large spoke flange diameter at the front hub

The diameter of the spoke flange for a disc front wheel is of particular ­importance. If the disc brake is operated, the forces impacting the hub, the spokes, the nipples and the rim are extreme. The smaller the diameter is, the higher the spoke tension that eventually tires down and destroys the wheel components. For these reasons, we have increased the spoke flange diameter to 40mm in the front hub while still offering a hub that is no more than 58g.

(Illustration right: schematic diagram)

Steel inserts

The freehub features patented interlocking steel inserts that transfer the power from the 7075 Aluminum freehub to the cassette. Particularly looking at the high demands of mountain biking, this design prevents cassettes to get stuck as on an Aluminum freehub. The ­inserts can be exchanged easily (Licence American Classic/USA)

Micro adjustment of the hub bearing clearance

The all-new and test stand ­approved hub body is made from 7050 Aluminum and can be fine tuned with the latest design MicroAdjust end caps for tension-free wheel truing.

3-times sealed bearings

New double Syntace Duraseal end caps protect the double sealed Syntace precision hub bearings. Filled with grease that features a 25% higher water absorption, corrosion is prevented even further.

90 % higher bearing stress resistance

Our former hub bearings (and those of most of our competitors) with the measurement 17x26x5mm can cope with 130kg before they are ­deformed. The new, super ­durable Syntace 30mm ­bearings of the MX hub can handle up to 250kg.

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