Vector Carbon Volt matte High10 12 degrees 31.8 mm

  • Intended usage: CC / Marathon, Downhill, Enduro, Gravel, Trail
  • Width (mm): 780
  • Rise (mm): 10
  • Bend (degree): 12
  • Material: Carbon fibre
  • Range of application: MTB
  • Handlebar clamping-Ø (mm): 31.8
  • Possible to shorten until (mm): 720
  • Color: Carbon-matt
  • Weight (g): 224


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The super-wide carbon-bar with internal cable routing

The carbon riser bar that lasts, as you would expect from a Syntace bar. Now with internal cable routing, perfect for discretely wiring your e-bike´s display or lighting system´s control unit. Say goodbye to cable clutter!

The advantages of carbon

...can only be used to their full extend if adequate manufacturing knowledge is on hand. Carbon bars can be very light-weight, but also very malicious in terms of safety. To achieve the high safety, typical for Syntace, we have used a new type of fibre and a complex arrangement of the individual fibre layers combined with a loading optimized cross section. Especially critical areas were additionally reinforced.

Faster and more comfortable

The Syntace carbon handlebar isn't only stronger than others, but it also absorbs smaller impacts and vibrations better thanks to its outstanding dampening characteristics - as well as offering an incredible steering precision.

The extreme protection

...can be seen with the naked eye. The central in-molded titanium lattice protects the handlebar from the crushing loads of the stem clamp and protects the precious carbon surface against Strength reducing wear and annoying slipping of the bar.

We didn't take the easy way out

The Syntace Vector Carbon  is not available in the easily manufactured 6° sweep, but only in the 8° and 12° sweep which provides a clearly superior and ergonomically comfortable position.

VR-3 downhill tested

By the world‘s toughest test standard for handlebars and stems.

Brochures, assembly instructions, manuals and spare parts

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Syntace Vector Carbon
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