C3 Clip M

  • Lightweight and safe due to high durable Aluminum
  • Di2 compatibility
  • Continuously variable armrest
  • Incorporated shock absorption
  • Ideal riding position with minimum air resistance
  • Energy-saving upper body
  • Handlebar shape follows the hand anatomy
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Intended usage: Aero bar, Road
  • Size: M
  • Handlebar clamping-Ø (mm): 31.8
  • Color: Raceblack
  • Width adjustment (mm): 84
  • Weight (g): 366


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C3 Carbon Clip

Scientific aerodynamics instead of optical illusion

“Space Age ‘Wings’” in turbulent flow areas only cost money and weight, but provide no aerodynamic advantage. The only real advantage comes from the comfort and energy conservation of staying in the aero position from beginning to end. And if we say beginning to end we mean it.

Double Helix Bend

15 years of evolution instead of short lived solutions à la S-Bend, Straight Bend. Too strongly overstretched wrists, as these “new” hand positions provide, unfortunately not only create fatiguing, but also a tension that reaches to the upper back and has such a magnitude, that the rider is forced to hunch his back. The consequence: apart from a higher basic metabolic rate also a less aerodynamics posture. The Syntace C3 on the other hand, does not require your personal input to provide a “fast”, flat back and very energy efficient upper body posture.

Higher pedal pressure

In addition: if necessary you can exert even more pedal pressure than with the Syntace C2 und SLS, leading models for 15 years. The support for the heel of the hand, about 20º slanted forward and down directly underneath the wrist and the again biomechanical optimized grips produce exactly the right tension reaching to the upper arm. And offer automatically a power-saving opposite pull for high pedal pressure.

Not enough

Even the famous, half-lenght position of the Syntace C2 aero bar improved through the new C3 Double Helix Bend. The grip bend, now a little further forward, conforms so well to your hand and your range of motion, you will ask yourself...why not sooner? Even the moderate compromise, S-Bend, is now superflous. Now you can ride faster with the legendary Syntace comfort: much more relaxed than with other aero bars. Owing in part to the much-copied but never reached, pefectly balanced weight support through the Syntace Bio Wings.

Attention: the effective grip lenght is approx. 15 mm longer compared to the C2.

The Lenght

Stepless width adjustment of the armpads

length adjustment

The Syntace C3 is available in size S, M and L. You can simply shorten the bar up to 45 mm with the Syntace Speedcutter.

Brochures, assembly instructions, manuals and spare parts

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Wie finde ich die passende Aerolenker-Größe?
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Syntace C3 Clip
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