VR-3 Test Machine   

Syntace produces the highest performance road, multisport and mountain bike handlebars, stems and accessories available. The handlebars are where the raw force inputs have the most effect on your riding. VR-3 testing most closely simulates these loads, to help us give you the most secure ride possible.

Corrosion Testing

In this analysis, components are tested for corrosion resistance in a high-salt environment.

Hardness Testing   

This equipment tests the
actual hardness of a given material.

Impact Testing

Here at Syntace we test everything, to insure our product makes it safely to you. Load capacity of our oversea cardboard boxes is tested through heavy weights while the strength of our straps are put through the "claws" of our devoted employees!

Hand Measurement

Through this process,
we can guarantee that products have the correct shapes and dimensions
to be released to the market.