Bond 48 High Strength

Liquid locking adhesive, which hardens on metallic surfaces upon removal of oxygen contact. The green Syntace Bond 48 High Strength secures all transition fits such as bearing cups, stems, etc, as well as screws which do not require disassembly in everyday use. The secured component can be disassembled with an increased mechanical force.

Apply the high strength Bond 48 to degreased thread or surface sparingly as it will develop strong adhesive characteristics throughout hardening.

To aid in disassembly, heat the bond with a hot-air gun to approx 165°C.

  Bond 48 - full 10 ml industry quality for only 7,90 Euro.
  TIP: Use an approx. 10mm nozzle and loosen for example the screws with a brief high concentration of heat (see photo). Then immediately unscrew, finished.
  10 ml  
  Temperature Resistance  
  up to 150°C  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  9,90 ?  

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