Torque Tool 10-80
The fine tool for heavy handiwork
  Syntace Torque Tool 10-80
  698 g  
  315 mm  
  Square Size  
  Measuring Range  
  10-80 Nm  
  +/- 4%  
  Matte Chrome Platted  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  119,00 ?  

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Precision Accuracy
The Torque Tool 10-80 provides precise torque measurement from 10-80 Nm, with +/- 4% accuracy. Each tool is individually tested, and comes with a calibration certificate.

Dial-Adjust Head
The Torque Tool 10-80 uses a dial-adjust head, which is better suited to higher torque loads. It is stronger and more reliable than lever-switched ratchet heads.

Compact Power
Just 315mm long, with a standard 1/2” drive. Ergonomic grip, for comfort.

Dual-Scale Precision
Precision setting via the twist-grip handle and easy-to-read scale. In Nm (Newton-meters) and lb-ft (pound-inches).

Unbeatable Quality
Compare the Torque Tool 10-80 for price or quality?you won’t find its equal.