Cork Tape
The Ultimate Bar Tape
  A new, high-quality bar tape with an elliptical, lay-flat cross-section. It’s more costly than typical flat-tapered tapes, but you’ll feel the difference on the bar. Syntace Cork Tape goes down smoothly and evenly, for sure grip and a luxuriously smooth feel.
  Cork Tape
  Ecliptical cross-section.
  pair for 1 drop handlebar  
  42 g (pair)  
  1900 mm/piece  
  30 mm  
  Black & White marble  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  15,00 ?  

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Soft-Touch Performance
Syntace Cork Tape is soft in the hand, absorbs vibration and has a comfortable grip. Its pliable nature makes it easy to wrap smoothly, even in sharply bent handlebars. Especially high cork content, for sure grip. Won’t dry out.

Powerful Durability
Syntace Cork Tape is easy to clean (just use soap and water), with an extra-wide adhesive surface for no-slip application. Comes with flexible Finishtape for a clean finish.