H.A.T. Spacer 1 1/8"
Lighter and Stiffer

The ProCon spacer’s for VRO and all other stems. 3-point internals (International Patent Pending) and oversize outer diameter?approx. 4mm larger than standard spacers, or 38mm overall?yields a more smoothly blended appearance and pares 25 percent from the weight of standard spacers.

  For a patent applied: even small things can be improved (int. patent pend.)
  set of 3 pieces: 5, 10, 20 mm  
  Weights & Heights  
  2.7 g (5 mm)  
  5.5 g (10 mm)  
  11.1 g (20 mm)  
  Inner Ø  
  1 1/8" (28.6 mm)  
  Outer Ø  
  38 mm  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  8,90 ?  

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Lightweight Strength
2014 aluminum alloy construction and internal ridges make ProCon spacers incredibly strong, and provide greater strength than ordinary carbon spacers.

Precision Design
Special 3-point internal profile provides a precise, zero-play fit.Ultrastiff, for better control whether you use 5-, 10- or the full 35mm stack of spacers.

Universal Fit
Suitable for all 1 1/8” threadless steerers.