C33i Straight Front Wheel
The time has come. Now.
  The starting shot has been the wide Syntace W-Series alloy rims. Back then as well as today the unrivaled combination of lightweight and durability. Syntace wanted to transfer two decades of experience in the manufacture of carbon parts on rims aswell, but without disadvantages in robustness and price. That was finally successful.
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  Do it yourself
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  745 g  
  27.5" ISO 584  
  Rim width  
  40 mm  
  Rim width (inner):  
  33 mm  
  Disc standard  
  6-hole, Center-lock  
  Syntace Straight MX  
  Axle typ  
  110 x 15 mm Boost,
100 x 15 mm
  28 Syntace Superspokes by Sapim  
  Spoke nipples  
  ABS Q-Lock, black  
  Spoke pattern  
  3x crossed  
  Rim material  
  Carbon HM  
  Hub material  
  7075 Alu, custom heat treatment  
  Tubeless ready  
  e.g. with Schwalbe tubeless rim tape  
black spokes
  Max. rider weight  
  real 110 kg  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  630,00 ?  

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C33i Straight Rear Wheel
The V-shape design is coming directly from the initial founder of outward-bound and massively enhanced rim flanges on mountain bike wheels. The shape has been tested and approved in uncounted series of experience and now features grip grooves to generate ultimate tire interlinking. It is 25 % stiffer and boasts with the performance of of a rim that actually is 2 mm wider looking at the tire width and the adhesion on the ground.

Carbon for stamina
Power saving carbon rims have been up to date a compromise. Ever expensive and either not really steady, or, to ensure a minimum of robustness against breakdown, not very light weighted for the spent money. With tenacious construction zeal, special tools and a carbon layup it has finally been possible for us to better unite those opposites: The Syntace C-Series carbon rim can endure more breakdown than all other alloy counterparts which are known for us. And the rim is even though its robustness and 33 mm inner rim width with only 430 g (27.5”) really light weighted. As crowning of all those advantages, the new Syntace production allows us unrivaled prices.

Wide and light saves grains
Previously small rims and heavy, reinforced tires have been the general case. These days you can combine wide rims with new, light weighted tire types. But really wide, high-grade rims have always been heavier than their narrow brothers, otherwise the durability has been impaired. A vicious circle, which has been bursted through carbon. The wider the rim, the more the advantages of the ductile material in the Syntace C-Series rim combined with a wide and light weighted skin show up: Minimal weight at simultaneously small rolling friction on rough underground. Additionally the lassitude of this rim-tire combination drops. Why is that important?

Consistent speed occurs at no moment
At just one crank rotation you create two torque-peaks and therefor two acceleration impulses. So with a cadence of 60 rpm you create 120 small acceleration processes per minute. Without taking a look on the terrain, that creates road impacts, which continuously accelerate and delay the bike additionally. That is the reason, why a reduction of the weight at the outer circumference of the bike wheel is giving you such a big power saving.

A new heart clicks
Our developed hubs are for years known for the built-in washer free hub and the low weight. After a long development-period it has been possible for us to construct an evolution, which is optimized on standard straightpull spokes and simultaneously lighter than our former flange hubs. Syntace made the washer free hub which is obstructed in both the flange such as the straightpull hub even more robust, despite the now noticeable finer resting gearing with 44 instead of 36 break points. The hub body in already test station optimized sizing out of 7075 T6 alloy is centered with new, lasered and waterproof Syntace MicroAdjust caps. The new Syntace Duraseals in doubled arrangement, such as both sided sealed precision rill bearings with special grease guarantees increased corrosion prevention and a very high lifetime.

Better than usual hand build rims
Syntace developed over three years a new robot-supported lacing and centering unit, which permanently scores smallest deviation in the tension of all spokes in the wheel and prints a success-report for each wheel. The Boost and EVO6 standard allows with our new straight pull hubs in EVO6 lacing a both sided adjusted spoke angle and stiffness. Together with our carbon rims this results in a maximum weight saving and durability. The upgraded hubs are without compromises optimized on standard straight pull spokes, so the availability of spare spokes is no problem anymore and because of equal spoke lengths even easier. Because the Syntace C33i carbon rim is stiffer than its alloy pendant, it can be used with less spokes. Further the symmetry of the spoke cones prevent a overloading of single spokes. With the EVO6 lacing the spoke cones are even flatter than before. These three things allow the use of less spokes. 28 spokes are here the best compromise of stiffness, weight and failure tolerance. And: If someday a spoke should tear, you can ride home with 27 spokes without any problems.