Grease Gun
The one that does it all
  A single grease gun for all bearings of your bike. A grease gun - filled with a specially designed and universally applicable high-performance grease - that will work with all future Syntace and Liteville products. It is not particularly cheap, but it is awfully good! The grease gun is made from an all-metal body that is handy, yet very durable; needless to say that it is designed according to industry standards. It features a multifunctional nozzle tube made from stainless steel that can be dismounted without further tools. The grease can be ejected precisely without any trickling.
  GreaseGun with TurbineGrease Catridge  
  Turbine Grease Tunap  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  62,00 ?  

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Tapered nozlzle tube
The tapered nozzle tube allows for the perfect grease ejection, even when working on grease ports with ball locks. One will find these ports for example in the RockerArm of Liteville 301 frames from the evolutionary stage MK11 onwards.

Additional adapters
Additional adapters made from vulcanized rubber help greasing hidden lubrication holes with screwable cover plates. One can find them servicing Syntace NumberNine Titan axle bearings for instance.

Syntace TurbineGrease
Specially designed high-performance grease mixed on a semi-synthetic basis. It even tolerates small amounts of grease remnants of former services with mineral grease. The TurbineGrease is able to perform perfectly in rotating systems as well as under panning pressure. And it is capable of handling high temperatures and dirty and wet conditions as found in off-road riding.