HiTorque MX Rear Hub EVO6 & Boost
The most reliable hub we know of, both uphill and downhill.
  The heart of the Syntace wheelsets is the Syntace HiTorque MX hub (Pat. pend), a Syntace-own development. Finest manufacturing art, plain design and outstanding inner values.
  Do it yourself
Our hubs and wheels are designed for easy service which can be done by everybody.
Our Serive Videos will help you:
  Spoke count  
  Disc standard  
  6 hole  
  Freewheel body  
  Standard cassette
XX1 cassette
  Axle typ  
  7075 Aluminium  
  235 g  
  Black with laser logo  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  220,00 ?  

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Tough body
The body is made from high-strength 7075 Aluminum. Combined with dimensions that have been approved on the most demanding test benches and designed with hub flanges that are specifically adapted to the spoke angle, the hub is made for eternity. As opposed to bike industry magazines and competitors, we also test the durability of our products and know how important it is for the product’s overall quality. We keep optimizing by following our mantra “Strong. Light. Smart”, in this very chronological order.

Immortal freehub tooth washer
The freehub mechanism of Syntace hubs can stand more than others. The spur gearing design of our freehub is designed in a way that power is delivered via all teeth at the same time. This way, single teeth can not be overloaded. All teeth engage simultaneously at all times. The teeth are produced in Germany, made from high-strength tool steel.

The result for everyday biking is obvious: The design works perfectly without wearing out, no matter which conditions it is facing. This is proven also by the first series hubs that have been ridden by our team riders since fall 2011 - without a single breakdown.

The same riders tended to break common pawl design freehubs in no more than four weeks. Trial riders such as Thomas Öhler - not to be mixed up with trail riders - know exactly what we are talking about.

Even in temperatures below 0° degree Celsius, the engaging mechanism of the Syntace freehub will not refuse to work the way it is meant to. As opposed to riders in sunny California, riders in Europe know to appreciate the dependability in cold temperatures.

Optimized design
The stiffness and durability paired with such a lightweight design is the result of extremely lightweight oversize axles and intelligent bearing placements.

The hub body and the freehub body are built upon two double sealed precision grooved ball bearings with a special grease fill. This is how the hubs can be protected against corrosion o well and are as reliable as they apparently are.

MicroAdjust - what is bearing play to do with bearing durability?
After years of observation, we can tell that almost all bearing failures are a result of poorly tuned bearing play. The latest through axle designs - in case mechanics do not mind the risk - swage bearings and thereby harm them. The difference in tuning might be no more than a tenth of a millimeter, yet the result can be as much as a 900 kg horizontal load on the bearings. No bearing can stand this pressure that equals about ten times the weight of an average rider, particularly as bearings are not designed for horizontal but vertical stress.

Competitors try to solve the problem with extremely heavy axles or rubber dampers, yet this way, the pressure is not taken off the bearings. The MicroAdjust design, on the other side, allows for an easy tuning of the bearing play. This way, you are good to ride for years without further concerns.

As a side effect, we even solved the issue of bearing corrosion with our way of engineering hubs featuring the special grease fill.

Overview of the most important specifications:
  • Aeronautic certified high-strength 7075 Aluminum and super lightweight oversize axle for maximal stiffness and durability at a minimal weight.
  • Tooth washer freehub for maximal torque delivery and reliability with 36 teeth in MX hubs and 20 teeth in M hubs.
  • MicroAdjust: continuously variable tuning of the lateral bearing play via Syntace end caps that lead to superior durability of the hubs.
  • Hub body and freehub body are built upon two double sealed precision grooved ball bearings with a special grease fill for perfect protection against corrosion.
  • Easy exchangeability of the freehub for the usage of SRAM 11-speed cassettes.