VRO System MTB (overview)
The ultimate handlebar and stem system
  Infinitely adjustable handlebar positioning, for perfect connection to your hands and optimal control.

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The VRO Advantage
The Performance Tool The VRO System lets you optimize your position on the bike. You’ll ride more relaxed, with more comfort and control. Available with aluminum, carbon or DH-style handlebars.

VRO Dual-Clamp Design
VRO’s double-clamp design is stiffer than than conventional bar-and-stem combinations, and can weigh as little as 338g with a carbon bar and titanium bolt kit. Yet it still allows 50mm of fore/aft adjustment and can be run + or -6 degree to fine-tune your riding position.

Handlebar height can be raised or lowered 25mm, above or below the stem, mid-ride and with just a single 5mm hex key.

Adjustable Stem Length
A single 5mm hex key is all it takes to adjust stem length.
Available stem length range:

S (55-105 mm)
M (75-125 mm)
L (95-145 mm)
XL (110-160 mm)

Extra Height Adjustment
Syntace VRO 1 1/8" stems (starting from the 2001 models) allow more vertical adjustment than conventional stems on steerer tubes that have been shortened because they will work properly with a minimum insertion depth of only 28 mm. This is VR-3 DH standard tested!

DH and XC Versatility
With its 6-degree-rise stem and generous adjustment range, the VRO System is like having both XC and DH setups on your bike. With the stem oriented downward the VRO System positions the handlebar in an XC configuration, while an upward orientation provides a DH handlebar position. The best part: You don’t need to remove the grips, shifters and levers from the bar to flip the stem, so it’s a fast, easy changeover from XC to DH formats.

Easy Bar Adjustment
The VRO System allows you to adjust handlebar orientation and stem rise/reach in one quick operation. Unlike most adjustable-rise stems that require you to change stem angle and bar orientation separately, the VRO System lets you change bar position and orientation by simply loosening the clamps, grasping the grips and repositioning the handlebar, making it easy to achieve a natural wrist angle and comfortable position.

Man and Machine
Because it allows for on-the-trail adjustment of stem rise and reach, the VRO System allows you to quickly try different riding positions. And because you can make these adjustments on the trail, you can make quick comparisons and dial in your position on the trails you ride. All you need is a 5mm stem spacer, which works with the flip-flop stem to provide easy bar height adjustment.