Duraflite Carbon 25.4
Ultralite Carbon MTB Bar
  Nothing’s Lighter or Stronger.  Duraflite Carbon is the next step in the evolution of MTB handlebars.
  Syntace Duraflite Carbon 9°/580 mm
  Dateigröße: 907 kB
  Note: If using bar ends, do not shorten the bar. If using bar ends, Syntace bar plugs CRB are required (not included, see “Accessories for Bars & Stems).  
  Syntace mtb bars have a visible carbon UD finish. If you turn the bar against the light light, you can distinctively see the fiber layers and their edges like shadows.  
  129 g  
  580 mm  
  can be shortened to
550 mm except when
using barends
  Clamp Ø  
  25.4 mm  
  Carbon Fiber  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  128,00 ?  

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Our Lightest MTB Bar
The Duraflite Carbon Handlebar is the lightest we make. As with all Syntace Carbon bars, the Duraflite Carbon bar features titanium mesh ends which, when combined with CRB plugs, allows you to mount barends safely.

Titanium Mesh
The in-molded titanium lattice protects the handlebar from the crushing loads of the stem clamp. It permits the fixing of bar ends with a symmetric clamping on a carbon handlebar for the first time (Syntace CRB Plugs are required for bar end use).

Speed With Comfort
The Syntace Duraflite Carbon handlebar is not only stiffer, but absorbs small impacts and vibration without sacrificing rigidity and handling precision. Comfort is enhanced by the availability of 6- and 9-degree bends.

VR-3 approved
according to VR-3 downhill standard
DH 2002.4, the world‘s toughest test standard for handlebars and stems.

Suitable for 4 screw stems
Syntace handlebars are with a special internal reinforcement to give them uncompromising compatibility with four-bolt stems. You'll be able to recognize these "four-bolt compatible bars by the following symbol: