Speedcutter 1.5
Quick And Easy

The Syntace Speed Cutter is a portable hand held tube cutter with unmatched operating ease and precision.

  Syntace Speed Cutter
  Don't use Syntace Speedcutter for Carbon.  
  Tip: The Speedcutter is supplied with an aluminium cutting wheel with a second spare aluminium cutting wheel inside the handle. If required, please order steel cutting wheels separately.  
  2 aluminium cutting wheels
2 steel cutting wheels
2 deburring tools
  For Bar Tube Ø  
  6 to 42 mm  
  541 g  
  162 mm  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  39,80 ?  

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Heavy Duty Precision
Speedcutter’s heavy-duty construction, with wide centering rollers and an inside deburring tool, makes perfect, precise cuts easy.

Multiple Uses

Speedcutter is also handy for cutting aluminium-seatposts, fork steerers and bar ends down to size.

Steel and Aluminum Versatility

Speedcutter is supplied with one blade for aluminum. Please order the steel cutting wheels if cutting steel.