Titanium Bolts
High-Strength, Aerospace Fasteners
  Syntace titanium bolts are made with rolled threads for optimal strength, and a conical head that’s lighter than conventional square heads, for that extra performance boost.
  Titanium bolts.
  Please adhere to the torque values above. The list does only show possible uses and is not meant as a universal recommendation. Depending on design and construction of parts or frame even 8.8 steel bolts can be strained, bent or destroyed. If in doubt consult the manufacturer of the parts or frame.  
  By using Ti-Prep you can save yourself some trouble. Seizing or broken threads are history.  
  Syntace titanium bolts are no substitute for bolts above 8.8 strength - recognizable through stampings of “10.9” or “12.9” on the screw head. If in doubt you have to assume that titanium bolts are NOT suited for the application to ensure your own safety.  
  Sizes & Weights  
  M 5x14 mm/ 1.8 g / max. 6 Nm  
  M 5x16 mm/ 2.0 g / max. 6 Nm  
  M 6x16 mm / 2.7 g / max. 10Nm  
  M 6x20 mm / 3.3 g / max. 10 Nm  
  M 6x35 mm / 4.8 g / max. 10 Nm  
  M 6x42 mm / 5.5 g / max. 10 Nm  
  M 6x45 mm / 6,2 g / max. 10 Nm  
  price: from 3.40 € to 7,50 €  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  8,20 ?  

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