Rim W35
Black Aluminum instead of carbon fiber
  Two inches away from sharp rocks and roots, using the ductile material Aluminum instead of carbon fiber appears legitimate. If only one could bend it to build lightweight rims. One can.
  500 g (26" ISO 559, 32 hole)
530 g (27.5" ISO 584, 32 hole)
560 g (29" ISO 622, 32 hole)
  Rim width (outer):  
  35 mm  
  Rim width (inner):  
  28.4 mm  
  26" (ISO 559)  
  Spoke count  
  Rim material  
  Aluminium with special alloy  
  Tubeless ready  
  e.g. with Schwalbe tubeless rim-tape  
  Raceblack, with laserlogo  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  120,00 ?  
Lightweight… and more stable than carbon fiber rims
Syntace precision profiles, particular modified Aluminum, several mechanical production steps and a special heat treatment make for this very outcome. Combined with tension reducing, asymmetrical profile designs, we are able to present you with a 500 g rim such as the W35 MX rim (26”).

Less pressure, more control
Low tire pressure means more grip, less rolling resistance, more damping, higher cornering speed and better braking performance. Why is it that tires can be ridden with less pressure on wide rims? It is simply because the carcass sits on the rim more straight and with more air volume inside. On Syntace rims, mountain bike tires sit wider and do not form the shape of a pear, as it is the case on more narrow rims. The tendency to fold away is reduced drastically.Why can a wider rim be ridden with less air pressure? Because the carcass remains upright better and is in contact with the rim via more air volume. On the wide Syntace W35 MX rims, mountain bike tyres mount wider and more directly on the rim with less “bulging” than on previous conventional narrow rims with low support width. This significantly reduces the tendency of “folding” when running low air pressures. Additionally, both the danger of snake bites and rolling resistance is reduced!the rim.

Suitable for PROCORE
Syntace wheels are suitable for PROCORE, the double chamber tire system we developed in cooperation with Schwalbe Tires.

Energy Saver
As another benefit from the fact that the tire does not form the shape of a pear, the decreased rolling resistance is to be underlined. And yet another advantage is that the inertia of the rotating masses is reduced. Most of the time, the tire is heavier than the rim and additionally is further away form the pivot of the wheel. If one considers the tire and the rim as one system, more rim and less tire leads to a lower overall weight right where you want it: at the outermost point.

Ultimate Custom
Syntace W-Series rims are available in three different widths and in three different wheel sizes (26”, 27,5” and 29”): you make the choice!