Stratos CX
It flies.
  Syntace does it again: faster, lighter, and with the perfect Base geometry for any Syntace Aerobar.
  Tricked out Aero profile in every detail, including the aerodynamically critical, fully exposed grip area.
  Dateigröße: 1777 kB
  Syntace Stratos CX with Syntace C3 Aero bar and TRP brake levers. The best aerodynamically sound combination at minimal weight!
  185 g (S)
195 g (M)
205 g (L)
  400 mm (S)  
  420 mm (M)  
  440 mm (L)  
  20 mm  
  Clamp Ø  
  31.8 mm  
  Clamping Width  
  80 mm (for stem and aerobar)  
  Inner Ø  
  20,5 mm  
  raceblack matt finish  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  285,00 ?  

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Drag reducing aerospace aerodynamics
Reduced drag compared to conventional wing shaped bars: Real flow optimized control surface profile, with aerodynamic incorporation of the aerodynamically critical grip areas. Small frontal area and slim cross-sectional profile: only 15mm height at a full 54mm chord length.

Super light weight
Only 189 g (M) at VR-3 (“The red monster”) tested durability made possible through the use of new age UD (Unidirectional) Carbon fiber materials as well as a strong aero bar centre support.

Integrated Shock absorbtion
Energy saving through outstanding damping properties with up to 8 mm of available flex. This is achieved through a well thought through shape and a specifically chosen carbon structure.

Well protected centre section
The titanium mesh developed at Syntace, makes the 31.8mm clamping surface tougher and stronger than any other carbon clamping area available.

Internal cable routing
with aerodynamic cable exits and perfect integration of bar end brake levers.