W35 MX Rear
Wheelsets that are different right where they have to be.
  Everything began with the wish to find a properly wide rim, yet no manufacturer was willing to accommodate us. This situation we somehow knew, so we decided to design and build our own wide, solid rims as well as fine, reliable hubs. And they were to be light, super light.
  Wide rims provide optimal grip and allow a thinner carcass combined with increased traction and tracking ability
  Narrow rims provide little guidance for the tyre. The tyre “folds” and can even jump out of the rim.
  "At 20 degrees of imaginary lateral distortion, the wide-rim tire's contact point is just nearing the danger zone over the rim flange."

For more infos see:
> > http://www.pinkbike.com/news/Tech-Tuesday--Wider-Rims-Are-Better-and-Why-Tubeless-Tires-Burp-.html

Grafik: Richard Cunningham für Pinkbike.com

  XX1 freewheel body

  HiTorque MX Rear 12

  Do it yourself
Our hubs and wheels are designed for easy service which can be done by everybody.
Our Serive Videos will help you:
  920 g (26'' ISO 559)
945 g (27.5'' ISO 584)
995 g (29'' ISO 622)
  Rim width (outer):  
  35 mm  
  Rim width (inner):  
  28.5 mm  
  Disc standard  
  6 hole  
  26'' (ISO 559)  
  HiTorque MX Rear  
  Freewheel body  
  Standard Cassette
(Shimano 10x, 11x, SRAM 10x)

XX1 Cassette optionally
  Axle typ  
  32 pcs. triple butted, black
High tension side: 1.8 mm
Low tension side: 1.5 mm
  Alu double square, black  
  Spoke pattern  
  3x crossed  
  Rim material  
  Custom Alu  
  Hub material  
  7075 alloy, custom heat treatment  
  Tubeless ready  
  e.g. with Schwalbe tubeless rim-tape  
  Raceblack, with Laserlogo  
  Max. rider weight  
  up to 110 kg  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  390,00 ?  

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W35 MX Front
“System wheels” versus consequent improving
Admittedly, system wheels look cool. Is this a reason to live with fundamental compromises, though? One example is the number of spokes: too little spokes force you to stop your ride in case one spoke breaks. On top of that, special design spokes and nipples are hard to substitute when you are not at home. We are convinced it is not worth the risk. Whether our wheels are less stiff and heavier? For sure they are not. The design of the Syntace MX-Series build upon the experience in building wheels for more than 100 years.

The spoke tensions of the rear wheel are different looking at the right and the left side. The only logical consequence is to design the spokes more solidly on the side that is stressed more. This is where the “BalancedSpokes” concept comes into play. Syntace here uses 0.3 mm thicker spokes that are able to carry 45 % more weight. The result is higher load capacity, less maintenance and no extra weight

The design
The rims are designed asymmetrically, meaning the holes are ordered in a particular way and adapted to the spoke angle. 32 triple butted round Syntace spokes are combined with Aluminum nipples and assembled by experienced hands.

Tubeless ready
…for example with Schwalbe tubeless rim tape.

Low rolling resistance revolution
Low rolling resistance tires with thin carcasses make for efficient riding dynamics only on wide rims. This is the reason why Syntace rims are extra wide and yet light.

More efficient than Helium
Combined with weight-reduced tires that feature a thinner carcass, the Syntace MX-Series wheelsets are up to 600 g lighter than common rim/ tire combinations while they are still approved for riders with up to 110 kg.

Mix and match
Ordering a wheelset, you may combine any Syntace MX-Series front wheel with any MX-Series rear wheel. Thanks to the easy changing of the hub end caps, Syntace wheels are compatible with all axle standards on the market. No matter which combination you choose, the price remains the same at all times: unbeatable 888,- € for the wheelset.

Suitable for PROCORE
Syntace wheels are suitable for PROCORE, the double chamber tire system we developed in cooperation with Schwalbe Tires.