Needle bearing, pair
  Sealed needle bearing kit for 8 mm shock pivot bolts.
  Picture with Ti-Screw front and rear (not included).
  Note: the low break away torque and low friction of the Needle Bearing kit allows improved responsiveness of Fox, Rock Shox and other similar rear shocks when used in the Liteville 301. Additionally, the longevity is considerably improved over conventional bushings. For ease of replacement, we offer all three component sets separately.

For Liteville 301 Mk8 and later models.

For a complete conversion please use:
- 1x Needle Bearing, pair (110298)
- 1x Ti Reduction Screw, front (108974)
- 1x Ti Reduction Screw, rear (109353)
  33 g (pair)  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  28,00 ?  

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