Logical, safe, shielding.
  Megaforce2 with MegaSpacer on a Litville 301 frame.
  Complete additional cover of the upper headset cap and seal (Fig. with SuperSpin headset coverplate).
  set of 2 pieces with 10 mm  
  Weights & Heights  
  Basis 10,8 g
Top 5,6 g
  Inner Ø  
  1 1/8" (28.6 mm)  
  Outer Ø  
  Min: 38 mm
Max: 47 mm
  Price (GERMANY):  
  9,90 ?  

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H.A.T. Spacer 1 1/8"
Perfect fit
The Syntace MegaSpacer provides the perfect connecting dimensions and visual lines for the transition of the Syntace SuperSpin tapered headset to the Syntace Megaforce2 stem providing perfect form-fit to the Liteville 301 and 601 head tubes.

Less edges
Reduced likelyhood of injury or getting caught as the large outer diameter of the MegaSpacer ensures the edges between headstem and headset are less exposed.

Improved sealing capabilities
...against grit and water. Does not only close the usual gap between the headset top cap and the first spacer, but also effectively covers and protects the upper lip seal when using pressure cleaners.