RockGuard II
The bodyguard for your rear derailleur.
  Rockguard II - the advancement of the successful Syntace Rockguard, which replaces the compromise of regular super flexy derailleur hangers. For the Liteville 301 from Mk8 and Liteville 601 from Mk1.
  The Syntace RockGuard: the first real 3D derailleur support.
  Acts as a bash visor for perfect derailleur protection in every shifter position.
  The 3 versions of RockGuard II
  25 g  
  - Shimano Shadow & older not-Shadow  
  - Shimano Saint (only RD-M810)  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  34,80 ?  

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Instead of continous trouble
with misadjustaed gears, and every so often bent “soft derailleur hangers”, now you have the choice of a superbly reliable function 365 days a year. In addition it is a V-shaped bash guard, which not only protects the rear derailleur but also the gear cable.

Wobbly times are now something of the past
The Syntace Rockguard® provides a real solid support for your derailleur: against bending of the hanger inwards AND also against being torn off rearwards (Int. Pat. Pend.). In such, the traditionally one-dimensional derailleur hanger actually becomes a real 3D hanger - and provides the best possible shifting precision, which you can feel and even hear.

Convenient and super quick
The wheel change is carried out as before with no additional annoying parts as the RockGuard® is not attached with the wheel quick release.