Vector 7075 High5
Flat goes Fat. The bar for real men.
  the 800 mm wide downhill/freeride bar. Extra wide, extra sturdy and super light. 5mm rise, ideal for the high, long-travel forks. Reduces the tendency of understeer caused by higher contact pressure of the front tire, reduction of roll-over tendencies by shortening the effective leverage and by lowering the center of gravity.
Syntace Vector overview
  Bar Plugs #0.9  
  318 g  
  5 mm  
  Clamp Ø  
  31.8 mm  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  92,00 ?  

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800 mm wide for optimal control, also in extreme situations.

VR-3 downhill tested
by the world‘s toughest test standard for handlebars and stems.

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easy centering of the bar, plus precise width scales at the handlebar ends. These allow you to cut your handlebar exactly to your preferred width, hassle-free, using the Syntace Speed Cutter.