The seatpost quick release that really deserves its name.
  For easy height adjustability on the fly... allowing the rider to effortlessly achieve the optimum downhill or uphill riding position at any time.
  SuperLock2 38
  Dateigröße: 1124 kB
  Ø seat tube / Ø seatpost  
  32 mm / 27,2 mm  
  35 mm / 30,9 mm  
  35 mm / 31,6 mm  
  38 mm / 34.9 mm  
  44 g  
  7050 aluminium  
  27 mm  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  39,50 ?  

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Half Bolt Anchor
An extra-long, ergonomic 3D lever, including a self-locking adjustment nut make the Syntace P6 so easy to grip, it can be operated with gloves.

Takes a beating
The 1mm copper plate between clamp and lever - instead of slowly disintegrating plastic parts - finally guarantees a clearly defined and reliable lock without wear. Clamp and lever are made of high-strength 7050 aluminum, shot-peened and anodized.

Always in place
Secure the Superlock from twisting with an integrated plastic bolt set into an M5 tapped hole in the seat tube.

Frame protection
The seal also works as a wiper/cleaner to keep seat post grime from entering the frame.