Racelite 7075
31.8 in aluminum with compact drop and reach.
  New, compact shape offering the same advantages as the bigger brother, the Racelite Carbon.
  Syntace Racelite
  Syntace Racelite width from outside to outside.
  7075 aluminium  
  (S) / 239 g
(M) / 248 g
(L) / 256 g
(XL) / 284 g
(from outside to outside)
  400 mm (S)  
  420mm (M)  
  440mm (L)  
  460mm (XL)  
  129 mm (S,M,L) / 133 mm (XL)  
  78 mm (S,M,L) / 88 mm (XL)  
  Clamp Ø  
  31.8 mm  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  110,00 ?  

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Racelite Carbon
Stratos CX
6° sweep
and subdued but very effective ovalisation of the grip areas. It fits while sprinting, steering, rolling... from every possible arm and wrist angle. The result: instead of massive and huge tubes that serve much more fashion than function, the new Syntace form offers a noticeably more comfortable ride, plus superior usability and real light weight.

Compact drop and reach
The reduced reach makes a more compact position possible and makes reaching the brake levers easier. Through the reduced drop it is easier to ride in the drops.

Specially re-enforced mid-section
Makes save installation of aero bars like the Syntace C3 possible.

Twin cable routing
Compatibility with all shift-brake levers.

VR-3 approved
according to VR-3 road standard RC 2002.3, the world‘s toughest test standard for road handlebars.