X-12 Rear Axle Standard
Super stiff and super light weight - and now available for every manufacturer!
  The challenge faced with through-axles is that the axle must be clamped axially as well as radially in the dropouts in order to achieve a high rigidity. But clamping axially and radially so far, also meant having to tighten several screws. We solve this problem by using a taper which allows play-free clamping in both axial and radial directions even though the axle is only tightened axially.

A further big problem with conventional through-axles is the missing stop and a guide for the rear axle which would enable a much simpler positioning of the rear wheel with respect to the dropouts. To guarantee a really simple mounting of the rear wheel dropouts with axle guides are required or else the rear axle has no defined positioning.

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The difference compared to conventional through-axle dropouts / through-axles:
  • less weight
  • clearly user friendlier, quicker fitting and removal of rear wheel
  • for the first time a toe and camber adjustment of the rear wheel is possible. For this, the thread insert in the right dropout is replaced by an excentrical thread insert which can then be adjusted to the desired position

The difference to conventional dropouts and quick releases:
  • higher rigidity
  • less weight
  • simpler, or at least comparably simple fitting and removal of rear wheel
  • user friendlier design and less prone to misalignment
  • even after multiple fitting and removing of rear wheel the same brake rotor positioning is maintained

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