Racelite2 Carbon
The new Syntace carbon drop bar
  The new Racelite shape is now available with a 31.8 clamp diameter and is made out of light, shock, absorbing carbon.
  Light and stiff, the new Syntace Racelite2 Carbon 31.8.
  Dateigröße: 1225 kB
  Syntace Racelite Carbon width.
  Syntace Racelite Carbon - measurements.
  You are able to adjust the 10 mm bigger reach in the upper part of the 460 mm handlebar (compared to the Racelite alu-version) with a shorter stem.  
  214 g (M)
216 g (L)
226 g (XL)
(from outside to outside)
  420 mm (M)  
  440 mm (L)  
  460 mm (XL)  
  145 mm (M,L) / 151 mm (XL)  
  100 mm (M,L) / 110 mm (XL)  
  Clamp Ø  
  31.8 mm  
  Clamping Width  
  90 mm (for stem and aerobar)  
  Price (GERMANY):  
  249,00 ?  

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Like the new Syntace Racelite the Racelite2 Carbon 31.8 combines the best of the previous CD and FS models.

While keeping the handlebar ends in same position the newly developed Syntace shape drops down less towards the brake levers. The new shape allows you to be in the drops while staying in a comfortable position.

In comparison to the extremely comfortable Syntace CD model we were able to slightly reduce the difference between the upper part of the handlebar and the bar ends of the Racelite2 Carbon, which enhanced comfort. The closer bend to the drops improves the grip and ergonomics during brake applications. In addition to that the Racelite2 Carbon provides comfortable 6° angles in the upper part of the handlebar.

Carbon Hanldebars
can be very light, but in relation to crash security very treacherous as well. In order to achieve the high safety, which is typical of Syntace, we have combined new fiber types and more complex arrangement of the fiber layers with a load-depending cross section resulting in a stronger bar.

The Finish
From the first look you notice something different: the central Ti-mesh in the clamp area distributes the high clamping forces and protects the precious carbon surface from damage while enhancing the stem's grip to reduce annoying bar twisting. In additon to that it enables the secure mounting of aero bars, e.g. the Syntace C3.

6° Sweep
and subdued but very effective ovalisation of the grip areas. It fits while sprinting, steering, rolling... from every possible arm and wrist angle. The result: instead of massive and huge tubes that serve much more fashion than function, the new Syntace form offers a noticeably more comfortable ride, plus superior usability and real light weight.

VR-3 approved
according to VR-3 Syntace road standard RC 2002.3, the world‘s toughest test standard for road handlebars.

Fully suitable for 4 screw handlebar clamping
Syntace handlebars are with a special internal reinforcement to give them uncompromising compatibility with four-bolt stems. You'll be able to recognize these "four-bolt compatible bars by the following symbol: