VRO 2005 - New X-Ray Clamps

Against sending of an amount of 25 € (instead of 45.50 Euro sales price) in an envelope we will send to you your new clamp pair within 2-3 days. That way all Syntace VRO owners are able to update their existent VRO handlebar/stem systems:

Because from now on there are new, super compact and perfectly beautiful x-ray clamps in “Smooth Flow”-design available for the original VRO system. Solid, very softly chamfered shape and still more beautifully integrated in handlebar-stem outline. New, black and highly corrosion resistant special coating is covering the screws. Also available in titan screw option (M6x42mm).







This offer is only temporarily valid till July 31st, 2004. With dispatches to the non-European foreign countries please ask for additional freight charges.