The snow falls softly..
Yet your Syntace free hub roars in the woods?
We have the solution!
The Syntace HiTorque Silencer-Kit

For the silent time of the year, here are our winter-prices
  • 25 € for the Syntace HiTorque M-Series Silencer-Kit (# 126435)
  • 35 € for the Syntace HiTorque MX-Series Silencer-Kit (# 126428)

The set consists of:
  • 1 x silent tooth washer
  • 1 x silent gear lube
  • 1 x center spring

No tools needed - you are done within three minutes!

Exchange the tooth washer, grease it and ride on

The advantages
  • An average of 71 dB instead of 77 dB
    (a minus of 6 dB is equal to an halving of the actual shock waves)
  • The service is simplified thanks to one central spring instead of several small ones
  • The service intervals are prolonged

  • The sets are on stock and ready to ship
    Order here: phone: +49 8634 66666
    e-ail: or via shop