We’re not only good at super wide… but also at super light!

Dear Syntace customer,

Meanwhile we have sold over 1000 Syntace W-Series MX wheels and have received overwhelming feedback. Fortunately the demand is huge, but hence we have also had to expand our production and wheel building capacities to accomodate.

Currently, we are able to supply following wheels within a few days of ordering:

Syntace W-Series
W25 MX - the superlight wheels
for cross country and endurance races
Total weight: 1295 g (26'' 28 hole)
Rim width: 25 mm
Price: 998,-Euro
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W30 MX - the race all-rounder with the perfect balance
between light weight, strength and good width

Total weight: 1455 g (26'', 28 hole)
1535 g (26'', 32 hole)
Rim width: 30 mm
Price: 998,-Euro
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W35 MX - perfect for All Mountain!
Total weight: 1595 g (26'', 28 hole)
1680 g (26'', 32 hole)
Rim width: 35 mm
Price: 998,-Euro
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W40 MX - the dream wheelset for the
new hot trend of Gravity Enduro

Total weight: 1840 g (26'', 32 hole)
Rim width: 40 mm
Price: 998,-Euro
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Syntace HiTorque MX rear hub: 100% synchronised engagement of spur gears all round … no poor lone warrior individual pawls. click to enlarge

Setting world firsts in all versions is the weight and Syntace-strength of rims and hubs. Those that follow our advice to run rims as wide as possible, will benefit on the trail with unheard of traction, control and resistance to snake bites - also and especially with low air pressures.

We can only warmly recommend ordering your wheelset now, because we are sure to be sold out again soon in several sizes. If you require advice on size and rim width, you will be helped at one of our Syntace and Liteville dealers. If you have none in your area, you can use this…order form

Your Syntace-Team

PS: meanwhile the unbeatable qualities of the Synatce W-Series wheels have also been discovered on the other side of the Atlantic. To read… American MTB godfather Richard Cunningham tetsts the W35-Series MX wheels

Syntace W-Seriesproduction at Allgäu/Germany