1 film, 2 riders …and the 301

There would be no better way to present our Liteville and its qualities, than with this highly spectacular ride well above the tree limit in the Sea of Rock between Saalfelden and Berchtesgaden.

Did we not mention, that Trails World Champ Tom Öhler can also ride natural terrain, not just “Wetten Dass” bets? And for this he takes a Liteville 301 into the mountains. Together with experienced alpine rider Harald Philipp and the competent mountain bike video producer Sebastian Doerk he has created a first class bike video shot in the bizarre karst topography landscape full of sinkholes, fissures and sharp rocks.

Hats off for the Liteville 301. The only bike we know of, …
  • That can energetically follow the jumping impulses of the rider … instead of only the jump impulses of the terrain.
  • That is so light weight, that you can so easily take it with you in the course of motion with your body movement, as Harald and Tom demonstrate par excellence.
  • And even though this bike is used more than any other bike in the so non-forgiving high-altitude alpine terrain, the sophisticated 301 lightweight has to date not brought any of its pilots into a fix by any technical failure, not even and especially not even in extremely dangerous riding situations.

    By the way, have another close look: on Tom’s Liteville 301 you can see quite nicely, what is possible with the 35mm wide and only 1625g heavy Syntace W35 MX wheels, even in karst topography with countless pointy and sharp edges and after 10 days without a defect of man or machine.