MTB trials athlete Thomas Öhler relies on his Syntce bike in ?Wetten Dass“ and wins remarkably.

On the 3rd of November it was announced again ?Make way!“ for Europe’s most successful TV show ?Wetten Dass..?“ (German for “I bet that...“) Providing suspense to the viewers was no less than Trials World Champ Thomas Öhler, who fought for the win of a spectacular bike bet.

After a slow start and a slippery wet Tartan track, in the end he beat his opponent, Georg Fleischhauer - after all current German Champion in 400 m hurdles - by 2.66 seconds. In the audience vote, where the Bet-King of the evening was determined, he also took second place. More importantly however, was that his Trials reputation was upheld by not touching any of the 90 cm high hurdles.

Over 400 m and all up 10 hurdles were jumped over by the Red-Bull athlete on his Syntace Trails frame, the origin of all Liteville frames. Additionally, he relies on Syntace components for all contact points on the bike: bars, grips, stem, and pedals. Tom has been riding Syntace components for year, as he knows to appreciate the trilogy that has characterized all Syntace components from the beginning:
Strong. Light. Smart.

Not only when trails riding, but also out in the nature when riding technically challenging terrain Tom only rides the best, a Liteville frame. He is not on his own with this choice. The bike used by Tom, the successful 301 MK10 is currently winning one bike test after another all around the globe.
:: "The 301 will inspire a new level of riding..." (mountainflyer USA 08/2012)
:: "We test the very best SuperBikes" (Australian Mountain Bike 08/2011)

The best just to finish off: the Liteville 301 MK10 is currently still available in limited numbers in the popular sizes M and L.

See the Video at Youtube.