Long queues in Las Vegas

Long queues in the Interbike expo halls in Las Vegas/USA surrounded the Syntace booth. Followed by a fantastic media response.

In the centre of all attention are:
  • Syntace FlatForce Vorbau
  • Syntace Vector Lenkerserie
  • Syntace X-FIX
  • Syntace NumberNine Titan Pedale
  • Syntace W-Series Laufräder
  • Liteville 601,amongst the US-insiders already legendary, now in its second evolutionary step MK2. By the American experts still respectfully declared as the “Euro-Enduro”.
  • Liteville 301 Mk10 … for its launch in the States already praised as the best “do-everything all-round trail bike“.
Nine (!) publications to start off the American presence of the clever Syntace and Liteville components from “good ol’ Germany” at the 2012 Interbike unexpectedly placed the American media favourites in the shade:

To read the nine test reports and product presentations, just click on the images.

MTBR W35 Tested MTBR 301 Mountainflyer NumberNine Titan FlatForce W35 W35 X-12

More Infos about the products:
? Syntace FlatForce stem
? Syntace Vector bar
? Syntace X-FIX
? Syntace NumberNine Titan
? Syntace W-Series wheelset
? Liteville 601
? Liteville 301 Mk10