In the recently published "Trail Test" of Mountain Biking Australia, the Liteville 301 was highly appraised. The first extensive frame test performed by a magazine from an English speaking country devotes a full four page review to our continuous test winner with all rounder capabilities. Following are the review highlight quotes of Steven Hinchliffe, who was able to extensively test the 301 on his home trails and in the bike park in both a 10.6kg XC setup as well as a 11.8kg All Mountain setup:

> about the suspension performance: "it's a rare thing when a bike's rear suspension can make a Fox fork feel harsh, but this is one of those occasions. The 301's rear wheel tracks the ground with a freedom I've not come across on any other bike ... to say it's active is an unterstatement."

> about climbing ability: "the 301 is a fantastic climber ... it makes any technical climb feel so smooth and (relatively) effortless."

> about descending with the 301: "Riding the 301 you'd swear it had 170 mm travel on offer ... you really do need to ride it to believe it."

> about the details that make the 301 truly one-of-a-kind: "all the little things add up to make for a more durable, easier maintenance, better performing, and simply better looking bike in the long run."

See the full version (PDF, 1.5 MB)