In terms of quality we are in one mind with the U.S.

The mother of all bike-magazines from the USA, the MountainBike magazine, has listed the Syntace SuperLock in their top 25 products of the year.

Citation: "Anyone who's ever experienced the ear-piercing shriek of a poorly designed seatpost quick-release lever will appreciate the silent smoothness of the Syntace SuperLock. Its best-in-class clamping action comes from exacting German manufacturing tolerances and the use of an everlasting 1mm stainless-steel bushing. The shot-peened aluminum clamp's tight-fitting inner diameter prevents mud and crud from getting into the frame, and a nylon-lined alloy nut ensures consistent adjustment, clamp after clamp."

Note: The tested clamp was the SuperLock1 and not the all new SuperLock2.
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