Nuclear Energy? No thanks.

Syntace takes a stand and would like to contribute with a few fundamental facts in order to provide more clarity on the subject of nuclear energy.

It could all be so easy: German Environment Minister Norbert Röttgen (CDU) himself, presented a calculation in the “SZ” Interview in February 2010 on how to pull out:

“Today we have 15 % * contribution of renewable energy in the power generation industry, 23 % nuclear energy. In the very moment, in which the renewable energy contribution reaches 40 %, so 23 plus 16, the nuclear energy is superseded.” In August, the Federal Parmalent has now updated its prediction for the development of renewable energy and has increased the expected percentage of renewable energy in the power industry from 30 % to almost 39 % for the year 2020.

Small question then: Why are the lifetimes still being extended? *Source: SCHRÄGSTRICH 03-2010 (member’s newspaper “Bündnis 90 / The Greens”)

* Mr. Röttgen must have been using outdated figures when stating the 15 % renewable energy contribution in 2010. Already in the previous year 2009, the contribution of Renewable Energy was above 16 % in the federal average, in the EU an average of 19.9 %. By the way, 20 % renewable energy was set as the next target in the white book of the European Commission in 2007. However, this was only set for the year 2020…
Source: Yearbook of Renewable Energy Resources, European Commission