Germany’s most wanted Liteville framesets now available in USA

Liteville Germany is proud to announce that Starting September 2010, Liteville will be one of the very few companies ever which has obtained the US license of the four-bar linkage suspension (aka: Horst-Link) patent owned by Specialized.

Liteville, a continuous German magazine test winner since 2004, was born when Michael Grätz, a Syntace designer, and Jo Klieber, founder of Syntace, set forth to build their personal dream bike, the Liteville 301, in the Bavarian mountains.

Both German engineers simply had enough of continuously having to ask friends at other bike companies to modify and improve their production frame designs to fit their needs. Since then, the legendary and versatile Liteville 301 has won more magazine Tests in German speaking countries than any other bike on the market, and the story continues with the 901 and 601 models.

And now we’re proud to announce that American riders and dealers can order our frames directly from Germany at a shipping cost of €25.00 a frameset (please check availability on models and sizes).

Our targets:

Maybe we are bike enthusiasts, or maybe we’re just a little bit bike-crazy, because we want to design and build only the absolute best mountain bike suspension frame available. More precisely: We build the bikes we have always dreamed to get from other manufacturers!
  • Mountain bikes which implement new and innovative ideas without compromise in manufacturing or design, backed up by one of the most sophisticated test labs in Europe - the Syntace Testlabs.
  • Mountain bikes that despite their superior strength, are as light as possible, because in each particular area we only use as much material as really required.
  • Mountain bikes that offer the best possible active and neutral suspension for a fast, active, and silky smooth ride.
  • Mountain bikes that surpass the world’s toughest testing standards and without any compromise only hit the market when they are finally ready to ride. With a 10 year warranty and are backed up by one of the most committed and professional customer service team in the industry.

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