Now 10 years of warranty (5+5) for all Liteville 901 frames

This warranty extension is valid - as usual for Liteville and Syntace - for all Liteville owners, not just original owners and covers DH and race usage as well. Therefore, most owners of a used Liteville frame will get a frame with several years of original factory warranty left!

The 10-year (5+5) warranty covers all defects of the frame due to material weakness or manufacturing errors. Repair or necessary exchange of a frame is free of charge within the first 5 years. Beyond that, for up to 10 years, you only pay 50% of the then current MSRP. For shocks the warranty periods of the shock manufacturer do apply.

This extension of warranty is valid immediately and covers all Liteville 901 frames going back to the start of serial production - back to Liteville 901 Mk 1.

That’s what we mean when we say real value!