RockGuard - the Bodyguard (Pat. Pend)

The new generation of RockGuard II is, in addition to the already available Shimano Shadow version, from now on ready to purchase for SRAM rear derailleur. But we did not stop there. Even the huge challenge of the Shimano Saint derailleur we took on and solved it with a technical trick of the more radical kind: for this derailleur we just built a new main pivot bolt from titanium…. Approximate price and delivery for the Saint model: 34.80 € from end of August 2010.

The most beautiful: even with the variety and small batch manufacturing of the RockGuard II we managed lower the original price of 34.50 € for the Shimano Shadow- and SRAM-Models to 24,80 €. That makes us as happy as the beautiful technology of the Syntace RockGuard II.

Your Syntace und Liteville Team