Big bar test in ?Radfahren-Magazin“

The winner with the highest possible score: Syntace VRO Vector Lowrider 7075.

Velotech out of Schweinfurt, one of the leaders in fatigue testing for bike components, tested 12 downhill bar candidates with the hard, reality-like dynamic testing procedure. Further tests completed the picture. As the only candidate, once more Syntace bar, the VRO Vector Lowrider 7075, proved itself indestructible even in the tightened DH2002.2 testing procedure and reaped the full score in all testing criteria.

Conclusion: ?About the Vector you don’t have to write much: it is tops in all categories. Syntace has it down to the tee how to build a good bar and made a top job. To sum it all up, it is - even considering the higher price - an unbeatable offer that you can trust. An all-out winner.“

Read more in issue 4/2010 of "aktiv Radfahren-Magazins".

> Syntace VRO Vector Lowrider 7075