And another world champion! Thomas Öhler is the new trial king. With Syntace.

Already for the 27th time the Japanese Itadori was the venue for the final round of the Trials World Championships.

The natural terrain sections were extremely difficult, on sensationally slippery rock, not really Thomas Öhler’s favourite surface: ‘The rock was actually quite grippy, just when it was wet it was like ice.’

As previously second in the cup, his chances for a win were not bad. The Spanish Dani Cegarra had to be beaten to become the winner, and exactly this was Thomas’ declared goal. After 20 difficult sections, a crash into cold water and 29 demerit points he was placed 2nd for the day - beaten by a Japanese who only had 23 demerit points. The Spanish Dani however only achieved 10th place.

Hence, the world title clearly goes to Thomas Öhler. ‘It’s great to be right at the top again. I've already been runner-up champion…’ says the 25 yo from upper Austria, who can now extend his list of achievements with the world champion title.

Congratulations from your Syntace-Team in Tacherting.

Thomas Öhler:
‘The Syntace stem-bar combination is by far the best product on the market. Many other combinations are very limited in the range of use, e.g. no one would use a XC bar for downhill racing, with Syntace that is different. The combination is perfectly suitable for all kinds of riding disciplines, perfect ergonomics, ‘unbreakable’, variable, extremely light-weight. When trialing, forces are exerted on the parts which cannot be compared to any other riding discipline. Still, I have not broken a Syntace product in the 6 years I have been using them, even though I have ridden some bars for over one year.’