Mounting components on carbon bars

28.06.2007, Velotech GmbH, Ernst Brust:
?Your bar manufacturer supplies a carefully manufactured product. Tests have confirmed that this carbon bar sufficiently withstands all operating forces.

But, your bar manufacturer has no influence on how arbitrary components will later be mounted. Unfortunately badly designed clamps can quickly lead to damage of the fibre structure which results in drastically reduced operational durability!

Our advice:
  • Do not just mount the components according to the components manufacturers instructions, but tighten the clamping bolts only just as much as is required to prevent movement of the component under normal use. Check if the components are mounted sufficiently tight, otherwise tighten further in small steps.
  • After this test, release the clamping mechanism of the component and check if damage or deformation of the carbon bars is evident.
  • Pre-damaged components (eg. deformed clamps) are not to be used! Please seek advice from the manufacturer or your local bike shop.
  • If everything is in best order, you may remount all components and ride without any concern.”