Timo Bracht wins the IRONMAN European Championship 2007 in Frankfurt with Syntace C2.

All up 500 000 spectators followed the exciting race progression in which Timo Bracht from Eberbach (Germany) achieved the new winning Frankfurt best time of 8:09:15 after 3.8km of swimming, 180km or riding and 42.1km of running.

On his Cucuma Walser triathlon bike, Timo uses the Syntace C2 Clip aerobar.

European champion Timo Bracht: "After 10 years of riding with Syntace C2 aerobars (by the way, I won all Ironman trophies on these), like many other triathletes, I switched to the new so-called "S-Bend" bars. But now, I am back with my "old" Syntace again. I just simply have the best feeling and the highest performance. Not to mention, the new evolution model, the Syntace C3, and its ingeniously bent segments (double helix bend), further raising its competitive edge against its competitors:

Firstly my hand positioning is somewhat flatter allowing better shifting with the bar end shifters. Thus, the hand is in an even more aerodynamic position… but still, without causing an strenuous energy consuming pre-tensioned hand position.

Secondly, the legendary “half-long Syntace hand position” is formed such that it suits my natural hand position even more than the C2, allowing me to remain in an energy saving and fast aerodynamic position throughout many more riding situations!

I believe many athletes are not really happy with the new "S-bend" or the "straight extention" models anymore and my success is a strong indicator to switch to the best and fastest… even if it is the well proven alongside the current “trendsetters”."

Syntace C3 with double helix bend in comparison to a S-bend aerobar: