The CEN-Norm for bikes - or the chicken-egg question

What was there first, reality or simulation? Reality for a bike on-road and especially off-road is quite hard.... much harder than the European CEN-Norm testing norm for bikes from 2006.

A testing standard always has to be a little bit harder than reality. About this topic we can look back on 250 years of experience and over 130 years of technical literature (Prof. Dr. Erwin Haibach, Service Strength, VDI Verlag 1989, ISBN 3-1834008828-2).
Some people do ignore this and egomaniacal ?lay an egg“. To our opinion in case of the CEN-Norm even a rotten one*. Just compare, for example, the service strenght (fatigue test) for MTB bars and stems according to CEN/DIN with the Syntace DH 2002.4 standard, based on real-data recording:


how does it go better?